Unmanned and Autonomous Ships
An Overview of Maritime Autonomus Surface Ships (MASS) by Dr. R. Glenn Wright


The following is a list of headlines and pointers to various sources containing news of interest to the MASS and autonomous ship community. This list contains begins in mid-2019 after much of the research for the book Autonomous and Unmanned Ships had been completed.

A Whole New Generation of Support Tool Based on Augmented Reality Technology
Japanese Companies to Develop, Test Autonomous Ship Technology
Project Funded to Develop and Verify Unmanned Ship Navigation System
AEGIS looks at Combining Autonomous Ships with Automated Ports
ABS Outlines Requirements for Remote Offshore Surveys
Subsea Autonomy is Moving Beyond Waypoints
Da Hoop Conducts Remote Sea Trials for Silversea Newbuild
Development of First Fully Autonomous Ship Put on Hold Due Coronavirus
Dutch Survey Company Deploys Autonomous Control System
ABS Addresses Autonomous Functionality in the Maritime Industry
Sea Trials Complete for Autonomous Tug in Singapore
Sea Trials Begin for Artificial Intelligence "Captain"
Royal Navy Tests Integrated Autonomous Control for Unmanned Assets
Worlds First: Abu Dhabi Builds Autonomous Tug
Tuco Delivers Workboat for Autonomous Ship Research Program
Optionally-Manned Systems and the Future Naval Force
The Nautical Institute Finds Mariners Pragmatic About Automation
Rotterdam Selects Top Innovation Startups
Ocean Infinity Launches Unmanned Vessel Company
Advances in Battery Safety and Technology
Norwegian Autonomous Ship Project Secures Major Funding
Marine Autonomy vs. Autopilot: Know the Differences
ClassNK Releases New Guidelines for Autonomous Vessels
Autonomous Minesweeper Set for "Live" Operations
Start-Up to Develop Small, Autonomous Emission-Free Ferries
The Conditionally Unmanned Bridge: Open Water Vessel Autonomy
Sea Machines & Hamilton Jet Collaborate on Autonomy
One Sea Makes Case for Safe, Ethical Autonomous Shipping
IBM Joins Mayflower Autonomous Ship Project
Autonomous Shipping Alliance Appoints New Chairman
NYK Claims First Autonomous Ship Test Under New IMO Guidelines
Metal Shark and Sea Machines Launch Autonomous Boat Line
One Sea Partners Up with European Space Agency on Digitalization, Autonomous Ships
Maritime Safety Committee Moves on Fuel Safety, Autonomy, E-Nav
How Will Officers Interact with Autonomous Systems?
The Top Ten Capabilities That Marine Autonomy Adds to Vessels
Reimagining the Bridge


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