Unmanned and Autonomous Ships
An Overview of Maritime Autonomus Surface Ships (MASS) by Dr. R. Glenn Wright

Introduction to the Book

This book examines unmanned and autonomous shipping by key design elements and systems necessary to accomplish multiple levels of automation. It begins by providing history and citing examples of present-day developments along with some topics of concern voiced by mariners. Subsequent chapters examine the future of maritime shipping and its impact on trade, national economies, technological advancement, and the seafarers that have bravely pursued theirtrades over the centuries. Automation is being accomplished across all levels of shipping from the smallest pleasure and recreational boats to the largest oil tankers, container ships, cargo carriers and cruise ships. While the contents of this book generally apply to vessels of all sizes and types supporting diverse functions and purposes, its goal is to consider issues associated with larger surface vessels and their support craft that are operated by professional captains, mates, crews and pilots.

I hope this book can draw attention to the present state of events and activities surrounding the furtherance of what the International Maritime Organization (IMO) refers to as Maritime Autonomous Surface Ships (MASS). Readers may then decide for themselves as to what the future may hold and what influence they have had.

R. Glenn Wright


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